Ryan Shea

I write stories and play with audio.

I live in western Massachusetts, where I work as a UX writer. Most days, I’m hanging out with my wife Hanna, our son, and our cats.

I earned an MFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2016.

I co-edit Cover.


Email me to get in touch.

I post a free blog on Substack. I use Twitter to post minor thoughts and Instagram to share what I’ve been doing.


“Bird Bones” at ergot.

“Passport” at hex

"Willow" at Rejection Letters

“Inventory” at Necessary Fiction

“Build Us a Home” in Lifted Brow 10 (print)

“Reason to Leave on a Sunday” in New York Tyrant 9 (print)

“You Can Touch the Map” at Lamination Colony


“Vacation” at Juked


Masters songs for Lemmings

Makes sounds with What About Saturn

Edits and masters audio for TK with James Scott